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Splendid Productions is a theatre company and an education company. We create challenging, vibrant theatre for young people, and we provide expert training in all areas of drama from Practitioner theory to Presentation skills.

Since we began in 2003, we have gained an excellent reputation for both the inventiveness of our performances and the clarity of our teaching. We’re a small company and our priority is providing consistent, high-quality work for a growing band of regular clients. We’d love for you to be one of them!


Splendid Productions 2017/18
Are you normal?

Gregor Samsa is. He has a normal job, a normal family and lives in a normal house with a normal future to look forward to. Until the day he wakes to discover he has turned into a giant insect.

We present our new touring production running Sept 2017 - March 2018: our new creative adaptation of Franz Kafka's METAMORPHOSIS.

Booking is now open for in-school performances with our usual range of accompanying workshops, and tickets will soon be available for public performances in theatres throughout the year.

Click here for more information, schedule, prices and ways to book

Oh yes it is! Splendid's first panto

We are extremely excited to announce our first ever newly-devised pantomime
. The show is written by us, directed by the very Splendid Lucy Cuthbertson, and produced in association with panto-titans Greenwich Theatre. It will feature some regular Splendid faces including our Artistic Director Kerry Frampton as the villain she’s always been destined to be!

Robin Hood is on at Stantonbury Theatre in Milton Keynes from 1 – 31 December 2017.

It’s a classic family-friendly panto, and makes for a perfect Christmas outing for students of all years. Tickets are on sale now at the Stantonbury Theatre website. There are special deals for school groups - call the box office on 01908 324466 for best prices.

Tickets now on sale for Metamorphosis in theatres

You can now buy tickets for all performances of Metamorphosis in the following theatres - click on a venue to visit their website, but please be aware the best prices for group tickets may only be available by calling the box offices.

Ticket prices from £12/£10. Prices may vary where booking fees apply (Lowry £15.50/£13.50 inc booking Quarry £12.50/£10.5). Group rates are available, please contact theatres for details.

New Mind Maps: Macbeth, Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre

This year, we have added three brand new titles to add to our selection of unique theatrical Mind Maps: Macbeth, Shakespeare, and Elizabethan Theatre.

Researched, compiled and drawn by Splendid’s Mum, Kerry Frampton, these beautiful, fact-packed theatre-gasms are a comprehensive overview of play, playwright and period.

Come and visit the shop...

New workshops: Verbatim/Documentary Theatre, Max Stafford-Clark and Directorial Approaches

We’re now offering a new workshop programme with our regular director and practitioner Matt Wilde.

Matt was Associate Director of Out of Joint theatre company, and has first-hand experience of creating verbatim theatre with Max Stafford-Clark, David Hare and Robin Soans, having worked on the original productions of 'The Permanent Way', 'Stuff Happens' and 'A State Affair'.

He is available now for the following workshops:
Verbatim/Documentary Theatre - covering all areas from a basic introduction to the form, to techniques for creating your own verbatim piece.
Max Stafford-Clark Practitioner session – exploring the work and methods of Max Stafford-Clark
Directorial Approaches – ways to develop a clear directorial view and rehearsal techniques to support it.

To book a workshop, you can use our online form, email us at info@splendidproductions.co.uk, or call us on 0208 318 6469.

Find out more about all of our workshops

License a Splendid play, or see what else we offer

Macbeth DVD, script and Teacher Pack on sale now

"A masterclass in performance from start to finish... top class theatre”
North West End

"Enterprising, imaginative, and highly enjoyable”

Our almost set-free, cast of three, 70-minute adaptation of Macbeth has been captured forever in the form of a live-performance DVD and an attractively wire-bound edition of the script, and the process of making it has been thoroughly annotated in our fattest-ever Teacher Pack.

Watch our trailer (above) for a flavour of the show.

All three are now available to purchase individually or all together from our Splendid Shop, where you'll also find the rest of our excellent range of teaching resources (including new Mind Maps - see below)

Study Splendid Productions with OCR

We have been working with the excellent AS/A2 Drama & Theatre team at OCR to create a Topic Exploration Pack all about Splendid (our own self!).

It's an overview of the kind of theatre we aim to make, and includes some suggested workshop activities so you can try out a Splendid session of your own.

Teachers using the OCR syllabus can use us as an influential practitioner, but the Splendid Pack (and many other useful resources) are available to everyone, and can be downloaded here: http://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/314576-practitioners-splendid-productions-topic-exploration-pack.pdf .

(If you're not with OCR but interested in teaching Splendid, check with your board - we offer lots of ways to support teachers directly.)