The Oresteia: (2018/2019)

The Oresteia: (2018/2019)

Splendid Productions present an epic, murderous tale of family, history, vengeance and honour in a story nearly as old as theatre.

Condensing Aeschylus’s classic trilogy into an hour, Splendid’s regal cast of three retell the story of King Agamemnon, his queen Clytemnestra, and their children, Iphigenia, Electra and Orestes. A legendary family born to power, but destined to rip itself apart in a bloody cycle of tragedy.

"I don't think I have ever seen a
better Oresteia in academic terms
or one which took on board and
summed up so many of the themes
of C5 Athens - making them accessible
to a contemporary audience"

Siobhan DeSouza, Classics Department,
Hereford Cathedral School

"...the performance was
outstanding, slick, rich
in theatrical techniques
and style. Great inspiration
for our students."

David Hilton, Leader for Arts,
Cottingham High School

...absolutely hilarious...
a masterclass in Epic Theatre...
poses a heck of a lot of questions
for the audience"

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Splendid Productions' 'The Oresteia'
By Aeschylus
Adapted by Kerry Frampton
Directed by Kerry Frampton
Songs by Kerry Frampton, Ben Hales
Design by Kerry Frampton
Cast: Grace Goulding, Nuala Maguire,
Tanya Muchanyuka

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