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Splendid Productions is a theatre company and an education company. We create challenging, vibrant theatre for young people, and we provide expert training in all areas of drama from Practitioner theory to Presentation skills.

Since we began in 2003, we have gained an excellent reputation for both the inventiveness of our performances and the clarity of our teaching. We’re a small company and our priority is providing consistent, high-quality work for a growing band of regular clients. We’d love for you to be one of them!


Devising Political Theatre Online CPD - SOLD OUT

***UPDATE FRI 3 JULY*** Thank you to everybody who has signed up - both of our online CDP sessions are now SOLD OUT.

We are planning future online events, so if you'd like to express your interest we can let you know about new sessions, or you can request a repeat of this session:

Devising Political Theatre CPD with Kerry Frampton
Live online CPD via Price: £30.00

“We should know the world we live in, the better to change it.”  Augusto Boal

Was there ever a better time to engage our students with social politics?  Splendid have nearly twenty years’ experience equipping young people with the tools to devise and structure their own deliciously entertaining political theatre – theatre that is relevant, reflects their experiences, poses questions, encourages curiosity and provokes debate.

Join Kerry Frampton, Artistic Director of Splendid for 90 minutes of practical tips, tactics, tricks and techniques to get your students making interesting, entertaining and thought-prodding political theatre in a socially distanced way. 

This will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session where you can pick Kerry’s Splendid brain.

This session is aimed at teachers of Drama & Performing Arts at KS3–5.  The techniques, ideas and exercises can be pocketed and taken directly to your students or you can adapt them and make them your own.

We will explore the benefits of an Epic structure, utilise a heap of Brechtian techniques, add a taste of Boal and of course fill it with the anti-4th wall all-singing, all-physical, all-clowning dialectics of Splendid.  How to use chorus, multi-roling, shifts in performance style, the politics of space, songs, puppetry, multiple perspectives, disrupting the narrative flow and breaking that 4th wall right down (within the current governmental guidelines of course).

The £30 session fee includes a PDF Resource Pack detailing all of the exercises.

Please use the blue button below to join our waiting list.

A Splendid plan for Autumn 2020

As we all know, the pandemic has upended all areas of education, but there’s no doubt drama teaching has particular challenges to overcome in the world of distanced group-work and closed-down theatres.

With this in mind, we have come up with some practical, adaptable options to offer a range of Splendid services to schools and colleges from September 2020, including a new mini-touring production, online and in-person workshops, and a new range of teaching resources. Here are the details:


Behold the tale of UBU! He likes power so much he refuses to give it back!

Splendid Productions present a special limited tour of a brand new creative adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s surrealist classic, featuring Artistic Director Kerry Frampton!

We are now taking bookings for performances of UBU from 21 September to 30 October 2020.

Full details are here, or you can book now using our handy all-in-one online form.


Our usual range of practitioner and technique-based workshops (including practitioner work, text, devising, and all-new Clown workshops) are available to book for in-person sessions.

These will be led by a single practitioner and can be adapted to adhere to all distancing guidelines including distanced group-work. (Please note it may not be possible to deliver more specialised content in some areas.)

Under the circumstances, group size is restricted to a maximum of 20 (subject to school policies).

We offer 3hr and 6hr sessions:
Half Day (3hrs) - £230+VAT (shorter sessions are possible but this is our minimum session price)
Full Day (6hrs) - £380+VAT (this can be split into 2x3hr or 3x2hr sessions)

Please register your interest using the ONLINE FORM. We will do our best to make workshops available in all areas of the UK, but this can’t always be guaranteed. Additional travel costs may be added depending on journey times.


During lockdown we have successfully led live theory-based and Q&A sessions online via video-conferencing services. We are hoping to extend our online workshops to include practical work led by an online practitioner. Timings, participant-numbers and session length is flexible.

If you’d be interested in a bespoke online session, let us know using the ONLINE FORM. We will price sessions individually depending on content and duration.


We are currently producing a range of theory and practitioner-based video tutorials that will be available to stream online on Vimeo from September 2020.

Our online resources will include some special Splendid-based material that will link in with the release of the long-awaited update of our SPLENDID STYLE book, all about ourselves. Autumn 2020 is the PERFECT TIME to make Splendid your influential practitioner!

We are also planning to increase our unique library of Theatrical Mind Maps with four more enticing subjects.

We’ll be back with more information as soon as we’ve finished making everything.

In the meantime, our SPLENDID SHOP is open for business, posting resources worldwide, and our free online video offer is still available for owners of Splendid DVDs – full details are below.

Finally, if you’re looking for a relaxing alternative to teaching drama (or have a pent-up swear you wish you could have framed), can we recommend KERRY FRAMPTON DESIGNS on Etsy? It’s full of unique Frampton-fashioned prints, commissions and colour-ins. Splendid, but without the drama.

Free Splendid streaming video for DVD buyers

In the light of worldwide school closures due to COVID-19, we have decided to extend access to our collection of filmed performances available to stream online at vimeo.com.

We’re aware that many teachers are planning remote lessons with students, and to assist anyone using Splendid for schemes of work (or anyone who wants students to enjoy some great theatre!), for the next few months we are offering free access to watch our productions online to everyone who has purchased a DVD, along with online access to our education packs. This includes our new production of Dr Faustus, which is now available on DVD and to rent on Vimeo.

If you own a Splendid DVD and you’d like a Vimeo access code for you and your students, please email ben@splendidproductions.co.uk for full details. There is more detailed information about this offer, and resources orders in general at the Splendid Shop. Please note Vimeo on-demand is not compatible with all devices.

The standard Vimeo rental service is also available, and we have temporarily increased the rental period from 24hrs to 30 days - a whole month for a tiny £7.50!

We’re happy to say that our full range of teaching resources is still available, and we are using the unexpected hiatus to create some new Splendid material.

As a creative company working in the education sector, we’re extremely sympathetic to everyone whose practice and livelihood has been affected by the outbreak. We’re very grateful to everyone who continues to support our work, if there’s anything we can do to support yours, please let us know.

Dr Faustus joins our vimeo streaming collection

Last year's production of Dr Faustus joins Splendid's marvellous selection of productions-on-film: on-demand, on the internet at vimeo.com.

Our adaptations of The Trial, Medea, Everyman, Woyzeck, Antigone, The Odyssey, Macbeth, Metamorphosis, The Oresteia and Dr Faustus are now available to rent for instant viewing on computers, mobiles, tablets and smart TVs.

The rental period is currently 30 days for £7.50, available worldwide, and includes our bonus rehearsal footage and audio commentary features.

Enjoy our ten-minute Splendid introduction 'We are Splendid Productions' below, or head to Splendid's vimeo channel to watch trailers for individual titles, or just binge-watch all ten shows in a row! (A free vimeo account is required for rentals.)

DVDs, scripts, teacher packs and mind maps are still available as always from the Splendid Shop.

We are Splendid Productions